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Internet Insure Mart Instant Life Insurance Quotes from a data base of over 1,400 Insurers!

About Our Company

John O'Reilly founded this site www.iInsureMart.com so individuals can search from the comfort of their homes a data base of over 1,400 insurers. Unlike other sites we require no name, e-mail or phone number to receive a quote so you can get the information you need with your privacy intact. If you do have questions we have over 25 years experience in the life insurance field from placing the simplest term policy to the most complicated estate planing case.

Many companies on the Web give you instant quotes based on very little personal information. These quotes can be misleading because they usually represent the lowest available rates for people in perfect health. In reality, your actual rate is as unique as your fingerprint. It's based on a number of personal factors including your height, weight, medical background, and family health history - even your hobbies. On top of that, over 1,400 companies sell term Life Insurance, which means that each company can have a different rate for your unique fingerprint - a rate that can vary by hundreds of dollars per year!

Life insurance is unlike any other financial product like stocks, bonds and mutual funds.It receives favorable tax treatment and the real benefit is received by someone beside the insured who buys it. It takes a unique person to have the foresight and character to provide a estate guaranteed to their family. Our motto is for people to "become a Life Saver by purchasing life insurance so your family can matain their standard of living"

We take the time to thoroughly understand your unique situation and analyze all options in the marketplace to come up with a plan that meets your families need for protection within your budget.